Tuesday, 30 May 2017

laughing samoans

When I went in the hall I felt cold when I sat down I warmed up a little bit. When I saw the Pasifika people come up on stage  I felt happy inside myself.  I liked the people who did the Pasifika and the kapahaka  when they did some dancing and I also liked the haka ,I liked how they stayed in beat

with the dram. And also they were so funny when they danced.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Frozen Lake

           The Frozen Lake       

One day I went for a walk and I saw a very cool frozen  lake. When I saw a little waterfall it  looked so cool it made me pee my pants. When I realised I had found a new frozen lake in hastings under the warehouse I knew I was going be rich. I was going to buy lot’s of games and upgrade my games. I wanted to see  bird or tui but I saw one kiwi.Frozen waterfall in southeast ...

The colour of the kiwi was golden brown but its beak was yellow and it was smooth. It was a baby one.  I wanted to look after the  kiwi and care for it at home in my house and play with him in my bed in the sitting room.
I sneaked the kiwi in my nike bag and took him home. The kiwi was jumping and scratching  in my bag .I  ran fast as I could home and I told  my caregiver I’d caught a kiwi. She was surprised that I caught one.   

One day my baby kiwi was going to run away and he ran to a park . I found the kiwi under a bush eating some worms. And then I decided to take him back to the lake where he belonged.

When I came back to the bush on my birthday he was a giant kiwi. So big, bigger than me! I felt scared of him then I ran away and ran back home and went to bed.


Camp Kaitawa Memories